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Set aside judgement

What is set aside small claim judgment? It is procedure of removal issued county court judgment (commonly referred to as a CCJ) when:

Default judgment may be issued if defendant fail to reply within 14/28 days and didn’t contact with court or claimant. As soon as defendant is aware about entering default CCJ he could ask court to remove judgment on basis that party haven't been able to defend himself.

Appeal small claim judgment

Parties could appeal small claim judgment just in case if:

  • have evidences that CCJ is wrong
  • small claim process wasn’t followed properly

Parties couldn’t appeal based only on their thought or feeling. There must be solid evidence and fact here.

It is necessary to get permission to appeal to appeal a small claim judgment.

CCJ register

All judgment issued against individuals or companies are kept in public register of Judgment generally known as CCJ register - The Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines. CCJ register which is Registry Trust Ltd contracted by the Ministry of Justice.

As soon as Judgment was issued against individual or company this data is transferred to the CCJ records.

Only way not to hurt a credit score is to pay a debt within 1 month or 30 calendar day.