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This is a list of main county court forms used to issue small claim and further communication and notification the court and other parties.

 Claim form N1           

Paper form N1 is used to start a claim with unspecified amount of money, but if claimant could use this form to start claim with specified amount via Post. When amount is known it is the best way to use MCOL to start a claim.

How to fill: provide full name and address of both parties, particulars of claim alongside with statement of truth and details of court where you want claim to be considered.

 If you are filling in the small claim form N1 and other court forms by hand use black ink pen and write in block capitals.

Certificate of Service, form N215

Form N215 is used to notify court that claimant had sent all document including additional Particulars of Claim to the defendant. Certificate of Service must be filed to the court within 14 days of the small claim will be issued. Service MCOL let this form be sent via e-mail But claimant is free to file the form by Post.

Date of service is the date you could use for defining next timeline in you claim. Date of service is some sort of starting points and depends on method you served small claim documents to the defendant. Second page of N215 form explains the calculation this date.

Notes for defendant, court form N1C

Court form N1C is the notes for defendant, that court send alongside with claim form and particulars of claim. Notes for defendant explains options and necessary action need to be done within 14 days.

Acknowledgment of service, response pack, forms N9

Acknowledgment of service (AOS) and other related forms such us:

These are Defendant's forms, which should be filed to the county court within 14 day and 28 if defendant ask to extend time using appropriate section in the form N9.

Which one will be filed by Defendant depends on whether he accept claim, reject or partially accept a small claim.

It is up to Claimant to instruct the county court about further action if the defendant has filed response or failed to do it.  If the claimant doesn’t instruct court the small claim will be suspended or stayed.

Notice of allocation, court form N149A 

Notice of proposed allocation to the Small Claims Track, that court send to both party after getting Defence. This form is know as allocation questionnaire indicates that court allocated case to small claim track.

Questionnaire, Form N180  

It is direction questionnaire need to be send to the court in reply of N149A. Direction questionnaire is filled be defendant and claimant by a specified date. It contain information about hearing, witness, expert evidence. Note that this county court form contain options where parties could chose free confidential Small Claims Mediation Service.

Request for Judgment, form N225 and N225A

Request for Judgment and Reply to Admission (Specified Amount). This paper from could be sent to the county court in case if claimant unable to do it online via MCOL. If you sent it via post, this prevent doing further actions on the MCOL.

N225 contain several option depends on admission or partial admission or fail to respond on Defendant. If claimant received admission from defendant then copy should be attached to the N225 or N225A form.

Notice of Discontinuance, form N279

It need to be filed in case of claimant wants to stop small claim. Details of claim discontinuance is explained in CPR Part 38.

List of small claim court form: