Guides for possession claim

Guide Title Description
N119a Guide to complete form N119 Guide how to complete particulars of claim for possession court order
N161a Guide how to complete form N161 It helps tenants to complete appealant's notice and appealing the eviction order in case of solid evidences of court errors or landlord's negligences
EX340 Guide "I want to appeal - what shoul I do" Comprehensive guide explaining appealing procedure and describing the steps need to be done for disputing court decision and delaying or stop eviction process
N7a Notes for tenants' defence(Rented residential premises claim) Notes for tenant in case of landlord issued claim eviction
N7 Notes for tenants(mortgaged rental property) Notes for tenant in case of landlord wish to vacate mortgaged property
EX50 Court Fee Up to date civil and famliy court fee (July 2016)
- Guidance for tenants being sued by landlord Procedure of preparing tenant's defence in case of possession court claim was issued