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If you wish to amend a claim that has already been filed, first of all you will need to complete and file a form N244 – Application notice.

You must provide 3 copies of amended particulars of claim together with a form N244.

How to format initial and amended particulars of claim:

  • new particulars of claim must have title and date : “Amended Particulars of Claim/Defence under CPR rule 17.1(2)b dated 00/00/0000”
  • all changes should be struck through in color(red, yellow, green, violet) in the initial particulars of claim
  • new statements must be highlighted with color (red, yellow, green, violet) ()
  • must contain statement of truth according CPR Part 22

2.3 Where colour is used, the text to be deleted should be struck through in colour and any text replacing it should be inserted or underlined in the same colour.

2.4 The order of colours to be used for successive amendments is: (1) red, (2) green, (3) violet and (4) yellow.

Parties could make amendments in their statement just with approval of court. Otherwise, court have a power to reject amended statements.

Parties would have 14 days to file and serve his amended statements since court gave approval.

When you can change particulars of claim?

Claimant could amend his statement at any time before it would be served.

If small claim has been served claimant or defendant should ask permission to the court.

What is the fee for amending particulars of claim or other statements?

Application notice fee  is £255 according Guidance for civil court fee, para. 5(notice where no other fee is specified).

Individual could apply for help with fee signing and filing to the court form EX160A. Who is qualified for help with court fee is explained in guide “How to apply for help with fees”.

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