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There are three main credit agency in UK which keep credit records. This is – Experian, Equifax and Call Credit Check. All of them proved service of vetting prospective tenants which include information

  • credit report,
  • employee and landlord references,
  • affordability checks,
  • court judgments
  • insolvency records.

Private landlords and estate agency may see only publicly available records.

Tenants background check doesn’t contain information about:

  • credit cards
  • loans
  • mobile phone contracts

Before making offer to landlord it is really helpful to request you credit reports from one of the agencies and get actually information in advance. In case of credit check is failed, estate agency wouldn’t refund a fee for tenants check.

Generally, all online tenant background check service powered by main credit reference agencies, CCJ register and The Rental Exchange scheme where it is information available.

To carry out credit check and screening landlord or agency must get a consent at tenant, preferably in writing form. Usually, online screening service ask to provide tenant's e-mail address to notify about check up and getting confirmation about given consent.

List of tenant check online services: