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Necessary information how tenant should notify landlord to end tenancy and purpose of the notice.

end of tenancy notice writing


There are list of compulsory data that should be put into the notice to quite:

  1. Full name and address of landlord or estate agency
  2. Full name of tenant and/or joined tenants with their current address and contacts
  3. Address of rental property
  4. Full date of the notice, for example Day / Month / Year
  5. Full date of moving out
  6. Free-form text where tenant express a wish to end tenancy and comply with terms of agreement: For example:

I hereby give notice to terminate my tenancy at [Full address of property].

I am hereby sending an advanced notice monthly notice, in accordance with my tenancy contract.

The last day of my tenancy will be the [Full Date].

Pursuant to the terms of my tenancy contract, please return my security deposit within 14/28 days[the date specified on contract] of the end of my tenancy contract on the [Full Date].

Many thanks,

Your Name


7. Where it necessary add information about inventory check and ask landlord to present during inspection of property.

Example of letter to quite:

Notice to Vacate / Notice to End Lease and Tenancy

Date: _______________

Landlord/Management Company/Property Manager:


Address: _________________________________________

City,  Post Code: ______________________________

Dear ___________________________ (Landlord/Management Company/Property Manager):


I am writing to give you notice that I am ending our lease and tenancy for the rental property

at: _______________________________________________

(address of rental property).

I’m ending the lease at the end of the __________________ (month and year) rent period.

I will “vacate and surrender” (move out) on or before __________________ (specific date).

Please contact me with any questions.





(Signature of Tenant or Tenants)

Free templates of notice to quit: