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There are no list of situation in the law when you could use Small Claim Court. It is up to claimant to define whether case is fit or not. Main component of such cases is someone owe the money.

Citizen advise Bureau and government portal give just a common definition of cases in the small claim track, like compensation for faulty service or goods, money disputes between landlord and tenants.

Four simple steps to define whether case is fit for small claim track and MCOL:

1. Do you want to give money back and amount less then £10 000?

2. Did you case happened no far then six years?

3. Opposite part who owes you money is company, person, sole trader and you know exact details and address?

4. Is defendant’s address in England and Wales?

List of cases which can be brought into small claim court:

  • Negative experience with garage repair: charged for service but didn’t fix a problem.
  • Ebay seller refused to deliver winning bid
  • faulty or damaged good bought in online store like appliance store, ebay, online store
  • someone failed to return the debt
  • Online store refuses to fix or replace washing machine, TV or other appliances that does not work
  • dry cleaner has ruined our suit
  • former employer failed to paid a wages and freelance work weren’t being paid
  • online store didn't refund you for the postage for returning goods sent incorrectly
  • Landlord/landlady or housemate didn’t refund security deposit
  • Tenant damaged house and amount exceed deposit
  • Trader or garage refusing to refund after sold a faulty car
  • case of negligence, likewise jeweler caused damages  to the watch and refused to compensate a loss
  • tenant or flat mate didn’t pay a utility bills and moved out
  • Problems with builder and contractor such as faulty roof repair, defects in renovation and decoration
  • Take someone to the court for unpaid rent
  • Removals company cuased damages to the furniture and belongings

Example of successful cases in Small Claim Court: