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It is up to plaintiff to collect all evidence and proof the case.

Before starting small claim plaintiff must have further information with a proof:

  1. What exactly happened, what service was provided etc.
  2. Description of the work ordered if case relates with builders or handyman.
  3. Details of Defendant – Name, Company, address, telephone. You can find details of company with name of directors and service or office addresses on or Company House.
  4. Chronology of whole process communication and assistance with defendant. It helps to make particulars of claim if there is diary.
  5. Name of person who you contacted with in regards of your case or problem
  6. Copy of all letters, compliants, quotes, e-mails, bills, photo of faulty good, works etc
  7. Transcript of phone calls if a tape recording was used.
Pen pencil and phone

In most of all cases, well-prepared evidences could help to settle case before starting claim at the stage of sending complaint and letter before action or pre-court letter before action.

One important thing to do before starting a claim is conduct pre-action protocol. It means – “Do the best to resolve issue before the court”. Court should be the last stage. That’s why pre-action protocol is compulsory element in whole process.

Even you if you have no claim or any complaint, keep safe all receipts, contract, agreement with builders, workers, guarantee certificates and correspondence with the firms in order.  If appliances broken, contractors wouldn’t make a work properly or garage refuses to repair the car you have to chance to pursue the service or resolve issue.

Don’t forget a rule

Prepared for the worst, but hope for the best

If you proof you point the opposite party well , may be there will be no reason to got to the court and claim your losses.

As real life show, most of all small and middle company ready to settle issue amicably because they have a chance to communicate with client personally.