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Accelerated possession order is applicable only for Assured Shorthold Tenancy and if the landlord seeks the property possession and legally evict tenants after section 21 notice was made.

The main differences between accelerated and standard possession procedures:

  • landlord able to claim only possession within accelerated route
  • any money claim such as rent arrears must be claim in different court claim or small claim court
  • less time consuming(about 4-6 weeks) and less costly
  • possession order is issued without hearing based on provided paper documents. But hearing may be arranged if the court document is not in order or tenant raises serious matter.
  • Less court form which must be filed and served

List of documents required to issue accelerated possession order :

  • Claim for possession of property – court form N5B
  • Copy of tenancy agreement
  • Copy of section 21 Notice with proof of delivery or evidence of receiving by tenant(s))
  • Certificate of service – court form N215
  • License if property is HMO
  • Information about tenancy deposit and registered scheme

Landlord should make minimum three copies of all documents: one for him and/or lawyer, for court, for tenant(or for each tenants in case of shared tenancy)

Accelerated possession process and its terms

Once the court document has been filed and served to the tenant, the tenant has 14 days to prepare a reply.

If the tenant fail to reply then accelerated possession order will be issued within 14 days.

If the tenant replies and all filed documents are in order then the court may issue accelerated possession order.

Even if court decides to arrange a hearing possession order may be still issued.

Landlord may request eviction order(warrant of possession) if tenant fails to move out by the date specified in possession order. Then bailiff will be instructed to send eviction notice and proceed eviction if tenant is still in the permisses.

Court fee for accelerated possession order:

  • fee to request accelerated possession order and file claim over the Possession Claim Online Service(PCOS) – £325
  • fee for the paper accelerated order - £355
  • fee for issue warrant for possession - £121

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