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Energy Performance Certificate(EPC) provides a rating of energy efficiency of the property and list of recommendation how to increase it. Highest efficiency rating is A, the lowest – is G. EPC certificate is valid 10 years.

Landlord or estate agency must make the EPC available free of charge to prospective tenants at the earliest opportunity.

Energy performance certificates on sale and rent

6.—(1) Subject to regulation 8, this regulation applies where a building is to be sold or rented out.

(2) The relevant person shall make available free of charge a valid energy performance certificate to any prospective buyer or tenant—

(a)at the earliest opportunity; and

(b)in any event no later than whichever is the earlier of—

EPC certificate

EPC gives the information about:

  • current and potential energy efficiency rating
  • current and potential energy cost which is spent on heating and electricity.
  • list of recommendations about improvements, such as a floor insulation or a solar water heating which helps to save energy and cost
  • which house's elements such as a walls, roof, windows or main heating is less or most energy efficient.
  • indicative cost of improvements and their influencing on EPC rating of the house.
  • total square of floor area and certification date
  • contact details of  the assessors and his accreditation number

Since January 2013 landlords and estate agencies in England and Scotland or property sellers must show EPC rating every time when property is advertised on the market.

There are other significant changes affects landlord at 1 October 2015. Since 1st October 2015 landlords must provide free of charge a valid EPC document for new and renewing tenancies.

To obtain EPC certificate in England landlord should find accredited domestic energy assessor via Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register in England and Northern Ireland, Scottish Energy Performance Certificate Register.

EPC penalties

If landlords or estate agencies:

 - fail to provide EPC rating in the property advertising they could be imposed penalty £200

 - fail to obtain EPC documents for rental property the fine will be £200

 - breaches the requirement for a minimum E rating from 1st april 2018 could caused the penalty up to £4,000

Penalty for breaching EPC regulation could be given no later then 6 months after it was committed.

A penalty charge notice may not be given after the end of the period of six months beginning with the day (or in the case of a continuing breach the last day) on which the breach of duty was committed.

Minimum EPC rating

From the 1st April 2018 all landlords in private rented sector must have a minimum EPC rating E of domestic rented out property. Generally speaking, all rental houses and flats must have individual EPC rating E or higher. Rental bedsits doesn’t require an EPC as they considered as a part of the whole property which is must be complied with EPC Regulations.

Property with EPC rating an F or G must not be let, otherwise the landlord is liable to penalties.

Minimum EPC rating requirements is applied for new tenancy and extensions or renewal existence tenancy which will be take a place after 1st April 2018.

From 1 April 2020 this requirements will apply to all domestic rented property

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