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Due to high interest to the tenancy and increasing popularity of Buy to Let Scheme UK Government designed template of rental contract in order to facilitate a process of signing tenancy agreement and let landlord and tenant set up all necessary terms.

This guide called is Model Agreement for an AST tenancy and may be used free of charge in any format and value.

Model Agreement is just skeleton of rental contract covered all important terms which may be changes depends on rental conditions, type of property and etc. Every section of this template contains guidance notice which give explanation and simple tips and is not needed to be included in the final tenancy agreement.

Among other things, government rental agreement sample contains:

  • template of prior notice to tenant of grounds for possession with several type of grounds
  • three options to increase rental payment and its condition and calculations with examples
  • procedure of ending tenancy(the break notice) for the purpose of selling rental house or apartment

List of free tenancy contract templates: